Clash of the Legends TAG

Let loose the wrath of your inner beast.


Welcome to Clash of the Legends TAG tournament. In this tournament, players would be able to team up with a TAG partner of their choice to battle in a Multi-format tournament using only Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beasts. Players will be battling each team for 3 rounds in Group Stage Matches to collect as many point as they can. Players are also free to use any combinations, strategies and moves to make sure the battle point goes to them. Only the Top 4 teams of the Group Stage will advance to the semi-finals and eventually becoming the strongest Legendary TAG Team by winning the tournament.

All tournaments are being played through Pokémon Sword & Shield on our Discord server. Please join us on Discord to participate.


Team A: Cameron/Madness

Best Legendary TAG Team of Meloetta’s Hideout

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